Just like old times!! Deja vu

First and Foremost, i'm not any regular blogger or something, its just a plain writing,.. just my note.....

Well, it was last days of my summer vacation after the completion of 3rd year, so we decided to have a good time visiting good places on our neighbourhood. The place we planned to visit was a lovely place on the edge of River Babai. It is situated on the way to Surkhet, around hills and some 15km north from my home
It was summer, so the temperature was hot around our place. And we soon started our trip road trips on two bikes..

As the way started climbing uphill, there was a immediate downpour of the rain, it started falling like stones and we didn’t have much option then stopping for some time and take shelter under some stone..

Suddenly a Chilly winter wind started blowing as we were around the peak of the hill, the roasted air and the sweating weather was all gone like a short note played from a guitar..

We were all wet and had to take care of the cameras and cell phones and hard time feeling the cold.. But we were not panicking at all and seemed to rather enjoy the rain and lovely scens and views from the mountain top.
The Leader Generation….

The Highway was getting darker with fog though it was just around 1pm..
               'Big Brother'
As we continued to our journey, without not much of our amusement there was barely a rain on the other hill and it just looked dry and soaked.. Our destination was not much far and we could have vision of the river from the penultimate hill…

We were soon to that place and we just rested a bit and we went underneath the bridge…

We had a good time on the shore of the River talking about the past memories, the childhood, the stupid things we did around then and we had a recall of hilarious nick names we used to give to each other..

We also played throwing stone at each other and into the river, and well, was a good time..
Our clothes were had pretty much soaked by then so we went to a local tea shop and had some things to eat..

was finally time to return back home, though the nature was so tempting u will hardly want to leave.. but still we know 'What comes, That goes, Life Rolls'...
This much for this today.. though i'll put some beautiful pics of those sceneries...